Workbench memories


I was take-my-breath-away surprised when I came across this photo in our master photo set (now over 70K). Happily so.

This was the altar of don’t-touch when I was little, and when I was really little, I couldn’t really see the bench-top, so that added to the enticing mystery.

Eventually, I undertook not a few projects here, although my brother was a far more frequent user than I.

In fact, the light was my teen-years desk lamp, painted soft yellow (to match the day-core, doncha know?) by yours truly. (Not sure when it migrated to the workbench….)

So, thanks, Guru, for this surprise.

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    For a minute, I thought you had managed to get a photooo of the GG’s freakout chamber.