Red-legged perceptions


Today we relocated from Perry (south of Macon) to the coast, to St. Simons Island. To a golf resort. That’s a first for me. We had a plebian room (for the resort; actually, it was huge, and had a mini-kitchen, social area, and two sinks in the bat-room) overlooking one of the greens, with a pond beyond; friends in a suite had a view of the marsh (no buildings or golfer carts). From our room, I spotted this heron (?) wading…and posing just so, looking like the out-of-bounds marker (I assume) made her/him a red-legged white wading bird….


  1. pooh says:

    my guess would be a great white egret, based on what we see in Missouri (and Illinois).

  2. Sammy says:

    I figured Someone from your household could help me out. Yes, white egret sounds right.