Visual data: phone & wind


We are among the data-intensive iPhone owners, and one of the things we use The Technology for is GPS and traffic info when we’re on the road. A week or so ago, we got this mapping glitch, which was kinda pretty, but not so useful.

Maybe it was the mountains?

If only it were that simple….

All this yak-yak is to avoid one major topic of the day for me—windy-coldness. Meaning the windy part. Awake-asleep last night, noticing it all day, and still noticing it as night locks in.

Yaknow, it’s difficult to photograph the wind—stills, I mean. You can capture Krummholtz-afflicted vegetation, which shows the long-term presence of wind, but it’s not a visual capture of the wind itself, dontchknow?


  1. kayak woman says:

    That is weird! This morning… Debated whether or not to take freeway to work. Oh, let’s live dangerously, I’ll take the freeway. Wrong. Turned onto nasty Jackson Rd. loop-de-loop entrance only to find that traffic was at a standstill! Can I turn around? No, stoopid. iPhone mapping app showed the slowdown. Unfortunately, I didn’t *check* it until I was sitting there waiting to merge — after looking around carefully for the presence of police because of new no-texting law. Even though, technically, I was not texting. I also took a picture. Wonder if that counts as texting 😉

  2. Sammy says:

    Yeah, The Technology only works if you check it out. So, if your GPS is on the phone it’s not okay, but if it’s built into the dash, it is? (Will we see the photo later?)