Follow the arrows (just try it!)


However confusing these arrows may be, the most confusing road-surface notations I’ve ever seen were on the (old) highway descending from the central plateau toward Veracruz in Mexico (probably above Ciudad Mendoza). Actually, we were up-bound from Fortín, and in heavy early-morning fog. And bold white arrows on the narrow two-lane blacktop road went whichaway. When we saw truck headlights right smack in front of us (thankfully slow-moving), we knew that our understanding of the arrows (up-bound in the outside lane—left in this case) was correct. So we scooted to the “wrong” side and safely made it around the hairpin, then back into the “correct” lane when the confusing arrows came again. As I recall, we did this little counter-intuitive move, as instructed, twice.

JCB was driving, with no morning coffee. We try to avoid that, now (the absent coffee part, that is).

This set of arrows? Oh, the one closest to me goes to a ATM, and the other two are to direct regular traffic safely past the stopped banking queue.

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