Social network on a slow day


So, this was a yesterday-snowdude, over in front of George’s.

The snowdude creator grabbed material from several tabletops for the creation.

Love the pecan toes!

Today we had some melting, lots of overcast. City still closed, but talk is that mid-day tomorrow we’ll see more places open, and buses running….

With darkness, the wind has kicked up. Unpleasant.

Watched The Social Network and were entertained—enjoyed it, actually….

Heard Zuckerberg closed his office and took his employees to see it. Interesting. Tough guy to be close to, if there’s any truth to the script/portrayal….

In the beginning, Zuckerberg was big on keeping Facebook “cool” to attract joiners. Now, it has considerable momentum, although not everywhere.

I remain off FB, concerned about the centralization of contacts and therefore information. Don’t get me started on photos.

I guess I also have this blog, full of information and photos (although, by design, rarely of—easily identifiable—people), so that’ll have to do for showing my hand….


  1. kayak woman says:

    I’ve kept my facebook activities pretty well under control and have enjoyed connecting with childhood folks I didn’t expect to see or hear from ever again. Also on there with all kinds of family members, some that I rarely see.

  2. Sammy says:

    FB certainly has pluses; I am torn about the social network part, but the games, whew.