Most shelves stocked


We carefully adventured out in the 4×4, mostly for our own entertainment (apologies for self-centered behavior). Note that we waited until the sun had been out for a while and the melting (such as it is) begun. (Plus, we had to move our buggy out of its temporary spot in the neighbors’ driveway….)

We went the long way around to TJs* avoiding the steep hill east of Grady’s stadium and by the historic Woody’s Famous Philadelphia Cheesesteaks place. Indeed, as we left TJs, an SUV was sliding down it with wheels locked and the tires slowly skidding downhill in the bright sunshine. The Woody’s sign has already been pasted during this wintery event.

The local TV coverage has hammered several messages over the last few days, including: 1) stay put (we violated that); and, 2) if you have to drive, go slow, like 10, 15, maybe 20 mph (oops, violated that, too, but gently and only a few places).

My observation on #2: drivers on Ponce were heeding it.

Yes, on dry, clean pavement, lines of vehicles (with good tires) were driving a tense, white-knuckled 18 mph!

* We found the semi delivering to TJs parked in front (instead of in back at the loading dock that’s down a still-icy slope), and the shrink-wrapped incoming pallets stacked by the cash registers out of the way, but nearest the front door. Our cashier said it was their second delivery of the day (they were closed until today), and got them caught up. The only empty place I noticed was the artisanal breads, I’m guessing with a different manufacturing/delivery chain.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Back when we had the wrangler, I remember one snowstorm of about 12 inches. The GG could not *wait* to get out there and “play” around with his 4-wheel drive vee-hickle. Unfortunately, people who were stuck kept asking him for help. I’m sure that was fun the first couple times but it got old fast.

    Also recalling *many* years ago in the UP, a series of 25-below (or thereabouts) days. Canadian radio was advising everyone to stay inside. “Go to a bar!” Good times.

  2. Sammy says:

    Hmm. We’re trying a variation on “Go to a bar!” tonight and heading to the neighbors’ for the second “cabin fever” cocktail hour invite of the week…great neighbors!