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I’m still (ha! always?) catching up with old New Yorkers, so forgive me that this statistic is from the Dec 20/27 2010 issue: prediction—by 2014, the computer network in the USA will require the amount of energy used by the whole country of Australia (now? author David Owen isn’t clear) to power it.

Add to that the power it takes the rechargers, and, whew, how efficient Wal-Mart makes its buildings and delivery trucks pales.

The article is called “The Efficiency Dilemma,” and starts here. Owen gets the statistic from Stan Cox, I think from his book Losing Our Cool.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Yeah, that stack of New Yorkers 😉

    I missed that article (December? yikes) and have probably thrown out that issue but I was thinking about that issue (or a few little parts of it anyway) this morning.

    Too bad the new iPad app will not let me access the content that I PAY FOR via my dead tree subscription for FREE.

  2. kayak woman says:

    Yeah. That last sentence. I mean that it wants to make me pay for ANOTHER subscription if I download the iPad app.

  3. Sammy says:

    My understanding is that if you have a regular subscription you can access the content online for no extra $$, IF you use a browser. Don’t know if it is flash….

  4. kayak woman says:

    Think that *is* true for a browser because I have done that. But my understanding is that the iPad app itself is free but you then have to buy the issues. But maybe more research is needed.