Druids near Druid Hills?

Lettuce bowl by TH

Lettuce bowl, by TH. (Doc Chey’s is big on rice bowls, and other yummy dishes; we like “bowls”!)

On our way home from erranding, I was driving and the JCB was looking out the window checking out the neighborhood. The weather was fine, but slightly overcast, kinda wintery, but warm and springy at the same time. (This is the South; “spring” and “winter” are relative terms.)

Going past parkland down by Little Five, JCB said something to the effect: there’s folks up on the hill; it looks like there’s some religious thing going on.

“Solstice Sunday,” I said (although my words were alliterative, I was wrong; it’s the equinox).

And now, at least in this time zone, it’s spring! (By the moon, stars, and whatever that isn’t the local climate.)

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  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    We were greeted with snow sowers and overcast skies for the first day of spring here in Bend. Keep posting the flower pics, they give me hope!