Post-rain stroll, plus burgers

Flame azalea orangy PiedPk 2011 mar

Are these flowers…glowing?

The wee hours had all D&S characteristics: it was a dark and stormy night…and we were fine by morning when the rain had quit and there was daylight.

Mid-day we ventured out, under overcast skies and cool temps—cool for us these days. I found this flame azalea (I think) at Piedmont Park, where the lake is fu-u-ull, but not flooding.

On the way back, we stopped at George’s, a bar/restaurant in the neighborhood, because the Guru read a recent glowing review of their burgers. We had the standard burger, and enjoyed it, but didn’t quite feel the glowing part. Because of the non-perfect weather—yet fine for us—we had the patio to ourselves by the time our burgers arrived—unimpeded people-watching!

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