3301 is not a magic number

Ice cream B n J late night varieties

I’ll pass on the “fudge” covered potato chips incorporated into the Fallon tribute flavor.

No, it’s this morning’s pollen count. (Sniff, sniff—and that’s after today’s ration of loratidine.)

Meteorologists say there’s a big storm coming through tonight, so that should bring that number down. However, it’s not all coming up roses, since the storm is predicted to bring wind, too….


  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Having been a Fallon in my pre-married life, I’ll have to try that tribute flavor. My all time favorite will always be Baskin & Robbins chocolate mint, I LIVED on it in high school!!!!

  2. Maureen Meyers says:

    I DO like Americone Dream. Yummy.