Sage bud not yet open 2011

This, of course, is real sage, and, in this case, getting ready to bloom. Look at that fat bud! (Sage, not any other species….)

The title? My first Mac, a hand-me-down from Guess-Who, was named Mac-Sage, because it was a Mac (duh!) and sported a sticker saying “Sage” (more duh!).

I sometimes think my current Mac(s) are sage-y, but none are quite the Mac-Sage, with its tiny screen (in comparison, mind you; I wrote plenty of multi-page papers on M-S and loved that it was so-much!! easier! better! than…um, well, you get the idea…) and whirring disk drive.

Sage. Bud. Mac-Sage. (Disk) drive.


Borrowing from KW (or evocative of KW—something), lemme say, over and not-quite-out-and-I’ll-be-back-mañana…. Luv ya, everyone, especially the one-whose-bday-it-is-today. Extra hugs, luv’d one….

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