At a loss

Azalea pink late ish 2001 cluster

I “populated” my day with miscellany—not so satisfying as the big accomplishments, but, in the end, assorted chores now are taken care of. Not sure what they are upon reflection, but, well, yea!

Mean-betwixt, SWAT teams were…um, getting some experience?…over in the Morningside area (let’s show that we’re alert by putting public schools on lockdown?). I heard hovering helicopters. Should I now feel safe?

Apologies for the ramble; I’m under the influence of a particularly tasty pot of F-chili (yum!).


  1. kayak woman says:

    Kind of longing for a miscellaneous day like that and not, you probably should not feel partiularly safe 😉

  2. Pooh says:

    We’ve had not one, but two SWAT team cases in the last month in STL. Seeing a line of armed men with the vests and helmets going up to someone’s door on the evening news is much more unsettling than seeing it in a movie.