Construction zone cones WV 2011WV capital dome glittering in sun

As in: West Virginia is sure coniferous* this time of year.

Yes, many construction zones along the highway—mostly new paving, I thought, rather than, for example, bridge replacements. I even saw several landslides, none big enough to reach the pavement (whew).

As we came through Charleston, the capital dome gleamed in the sunlight, and I even caught a windshield shot without light poles, signs, and other visual detritus.

We wound up our day with Mr. B and the lovely KW, a quick social evening that suspended our family obligations and the grey clouds of life for a brief time.

* Vocabulary usage originated by JCB.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    We LOVED all those photoooos. The 250 and the 36 (or 39 or whatever). And I needed the conversation. And the whine, of course.