Fire quandary

White birch trunks in sun

The temp this morning was a teense cool but not truly cold, putting me in a quandary: to light the stove or not (there being no other heat, other than the oven, and I would have had to create something to bake). Part of the equation is the temperature (and the temps the day will bring), part is your anticipated activity. Let’s face it: another part is momentum (or its opposite partner, laziness).

I decided on a fire, and laughed as all the hustle-bustle of heading out to the wood pile, snapping kindling, marshaling newspaper, and constructing the multimedia pile in the firebox, of course warmed me up so that a fire seemed unnecessary.

I laughed.

Fifteen minutes later I was reading the latest New Yorker on Téo (the iPad) and sipping coffee (really cafe latte), and glad in my sedentariness that I had fired up the stove. I swapped out Téo for my other downstairs reading (still need to get this week’s issue of The Newberry News), Barfield’s Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History…a true mix of wake-up reading…. Between paragraphs, I looked out the window. Early on, the color in the nearby maple leaves looked almost lit from the inside before the sun was over the trees; later, the sunlight was lush and lovely.

The fire had been the right choice.

Oh, and, RIP Steve Jobs.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I love this! I walked in polartech this morning to ward off just a bit of chill in the foggy morning air. By noon, it was summer again! Except for the colors…