Progress of many kinds

Rain arrives splish splash

Lucky me, I rolled in before lunch, ate a few of the yellow pear-tomatoes, and unloaded the Joad-mobile (aka BGT) in bright sunlight and raging humidity (except for the furniture that needs two people to move). I found the house in good order, and, even better, the AC working. Same with the shower. Nice!

Our kind, kind neighbors took pity on solo-me, and invited me over for porch-time, wine, and chili (yum!). As we sat on the porch, we watched the lightning flash lighting the sky particularly to the north and west, but without issue. The precip arrived much later, after I had returned home. Oh, the plants are happy now, after more than two hours of rainfall!

One comment

  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    yay you are home safe, and it rained! Same here. Hope to see you sooner rather than later.