On the road, nature and nurture

Sern Lake Geneva from N vistaview

We came south through the Jura, and made a turn, and voila!, we could see Lake Geneva and the snow-capped Alps beyond. Fortunately (for everyone’s safety), the road engineers provided a pull-off at that spot!

Town of shutters Provence north

As happened yesterday, we began the morning with rain that visited us in fits and starts, then faded by mid-afternoon. By then, we were back in France, working our way south toward Sisteron and beyond. This is one of the towns we came through, with many shutters closed, but plenty open. The color schemes are variable, like this. Some country villages were more drab (less painted), with dabs of color provided by farm machinery and signage.

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  1. James says:

    Oooohhhhh. More postings! More postings! Enjoying this vicariously.

    How about a picture of your car?