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Gorge Verdon W end view NWish

Today’s number one goal was to view the Gorge Verdon. Cancel that. Today’s number one goal was to have fun!

Guru on patio by haute eglise

And we did. We drove the south road along the gorge, and, despite changeable light, we did enjoy some terrific views.

Then we stopped at Moustiers, known for poterie, specifically faïence, and other crafts. However much we enjoyed the narrow alleys winding among the buildings, it didn’t take long for us to get overdosed on the kitsch and hyper-tourism.

Back at our B&B, we enjoyed tea/coffee and a fresh pear tart on the patio. The view from our room looks right at this little country chapel. Long ago, our hostess told us, eighty families called this narrow ridge nose home. And this was their chapel; that’s an almond tree to the right of the door. Our room and the building it is in were in ruins by the 1970s, when our hostess and her husband bought the place. They’re still remodeling the grounds.


  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    yum on pear tart, and faience–so jealous. Mended a few (18th c) sherds in my time. Pics of any of that?

    Like James yesterday, enjoying vicariously living and learning. All are well here, we just wish we were with you. Enjoy.

  2. Maureen Meyers says:

    Gillian says “Bon jour! Ca va?”

  3. Deb says:

    Oh my goodness gracious. The picture, the setting, the tart, your lovely husband…perfect.