Tunnel of coffee

Tunnel of coffee sbux

Any historical rundown of technological ingenuity and innovation must include happenings in the Detroit Metro area. I have seen (and explored) drive-through liquor stores—and I don’t mean a drive-up window; I mean structures, some with solid doors to close out the weather, and other similar stay-in-your vehicle retail establishments. Here I note my first drive-through Sbux, and it’s in the the Detroit area.

We just drove-through once, but based on that experience, I’d hypothesize that the drive-through alley creates a Venturi effect that slows the staff dramatically. Or something. Gad, they were slow.

Food for thought: are these drive-through business establishments mostly vendors of food/drink?

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  1. kayak woman says:

    This got me remembering getting salty dogs (in cups with straws) at drive-thrus in Florida.