Ponce city market interior wall bare

The Fates intervened in our neighbors’ lives, and they offered us the opportunity to tour, in their stead, Ponce City Market, the former City Hall East, the former Sears, Roebuck, and I don’t know what else. The building is something like 2 million square feet, with 56K panes of glass. This is an interior wall, I think dating to the 1920s, the original building phase. Interestingly, this building, adjacent to the railroad bed that’s now the BeltLine, which hosted a spur that went into the building, is built atop springs. That are still producing. Some goes into storm sewers; some is used as grey water. Anyway, fascinating tour….

BTW, the developer, Jamestown, did Chelsea Market and bunches of others; they seemed to know what they were doing at all scales, mega to user to neighborhood to environmental….

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  1. out of town friend says:

    That brings back memories. Back when I was a boy, we lived near Bogart. Not many shopping opportunities there so the family would head to Atlanta each month and Sears and Riches were the main destinations. I remember seeing Gov. George Wallace on TV in Sears, deny students entrance to the Univ of Ala. Some years later, I got inducted (sort of) into the Army next door.