Critter summary

Horse patrol duo BeltLine

Sometimes when I return from my wanders the Guru asks what wildlife (he means critters in general, I think) I spotted. Today I saw two horses (with police-riders), the Canada goose family by the drainage lake (now down to one gosling*), Piper the cat, several dogs with their walkers, wild birds…. And yet it was a pretty quiet day.

* Hypothesis: second gosling was a casualty of carnivore hunting, perhaps by cat, rat, stevedore, dog, or raptor; however, no feather-spot detected in cursory perusal.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I think it must be raptor day. I have hawks not being at all stealthy (read: LOUD) overhead today. Not sure what kind, but definitely NOT red-tailed. Look too light colored to be Coopers. Whatever, they are welcome to my rats (just leave Benito alone).