What’s the speed limit?

Miss R crossing bridge superstructure

US 82 bridge across the Mississippi River, between Lake Village, Arkansas, and Greenville, Mississippi. Lake Village is built on the bank of a huge arc-lake that’s a cut-off bend of the river. This is the Miss Delta.

We motored east today. And motored some more.

The topic of discussion, introduced by The Guru, was: if you (however artificially) divide southern North America into east and west, where is the division? Based not on political boundaries, but on the landscape….

We both agreed we were “east” by the time we crossed the Mississippi. I argued that solo trees with the first branch high off the ground was a big part of that to me, so that when we left the scrub behind I became receptive to the “east” designation. (Skipping, of course, the big trees of the Far West….)

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