But what vermouth?

Bulleit rye label obliqueish

A minor wealth of djuknows here….

Rye, originally created from rye grain (Secale cereale), may not have as much rye in it today. Cheaper substitutions, a sweetened flavor profile, and all that.

And, if you use rye for a classic Manhattan, you need a maraschino cherry (do you say “shee” or “skee” for that middle syllable?), and that’s an interesting djuknow, too. The name, my dictionary says, comes from the words for bitter cherry. The jarred version we encounter, however, is made from a sweet cherry…with sweet syrup—very sweetened. I see that Amazon offers some maraschino cherries with reasonable ingredients lists….

A Friday tip-o-the-glass to ya!

Okay, for the trifecta, read about vermouth here.


  1. kayak woman says:

    And you, ‘hattan newbie [in a relative sense, I mean].

  2. Sammy says:

    See what you have wrought!