Glowing heavens

ATL skyline sunset

See the dome of the tower at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta tucked in there? Never been, but I often find my eye is drawn to it….

Mostly, it seems to me, we get rain that’s a blanket across the region. Sometimes a broad strip of rain moves through. What we had today is rarer, just a few tiny storm cells. We drove from a not-rain area, across a not-rain area, and arrived at a just-rained area, on our trek to a small, fun get-together. We heard the hard rain stayed for just a minute, and was followed/preceeded by just a few minutes of sprinkles. No precip while we socialized, but a few sprinkles—enough to get the pollen off the windshield—as we headed back. Then, no-rain all the rest of the way.

Or maybe it’s that the broader rain areas are more winter and the small cells are more summer? Meaning we’re in the rain version of the transitional season?

Anyway, the skies cleared incompletely, and the sun after-glow gave us a gorgeous skyline view.

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