Lotsa dirty pots

Quesadilla w green

A little crunchy, but we got the tortillas to lunch today (subverting the fuzzy phase), and had them as quesadillas—with green, as K’s kids would have said. We like the green; they didn’t. It’s the unfamiliar epazote, Dysphania ambrosioides, once Chenopodium ambrosioides.

I also used a few leaves of the epazote in the herb/plant mix I used in the rice. It wasn’t “Spanish” rice, and it wasn’t green rice; it was both! I pureed green onions, cilantro, poblano pepper, a meaty tomato, and two big epazote leaves, and added the green mix to the rice when it was half cooked. Came out great!

Perfect with the chicken with tomatillo sauce, and a simple sautéed chard.

Going for an assortment of plant foods, along with strong-colored or strong-flavored plants.

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