Train rain terrain (no complain)

Train in rain through window

We ventured out before the rain began. Yes, rain again. We now have had more rain this year than we did in all of 2012—without the July stats.

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  1. TMOTU says:

    … Slowly read through, “The Forest Unseen”. Excellent summer reading. I will read it again. I rate it very highly. I was interested in the, June 2nd – Quest, chapter regarding ticks (as you described). I’ve been bitten by two ticks, stung by one bee, consumed by biting flies, and almost enjoyed the blood sucking mild mosquitoes over the last month. Mouse was an excellent hiking soldier in her hiking dress and mosquito mottled legs. W did about 60 miles in MN and MN. I think the flies made me sick – the tick bites were short duration but left welts. The forest might be unseen but was not “unfelt”.