Generous man

Detour sign on verge

I had two omens to the contrary, and still I pursued my dream.

I exaggerate.

You see, I had a letter to mail. And decided to walk it to the box. By two, when the pickup is.

I checked the clock and knew I was cutting it close, but suited up (as in, put on sandals) to walk to the PO.

Asked the Guru if he wanted to venture out. No, he said, it’s going to rain. Okay, I said, I’m going to chance it.

Halfway to the PO I saw this sign—the second omen that I was on an ill-fated adventure.

I made it to the PO, and dropped the letter in the slot at 1:59. Aha, I thought, just in time!

I celebrated too soon.

Five minutes later, amidst a deluge on my return leg, I buzzed the Guru, and asked for a pickup, wet but happy.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Love this story. Not sure why, just do.