I bypassed this…Product

Liquid water enhancer

Not sure how to parse that: water is liquid, right? So, this stuff doesn’t make it liquid? Turns out, no, the Product is a liquid and it is for flavoring water. Yuck.

Love my water tasting…like water.

BTW, if you’ve noticed glitchiness in this website the last few days, there’ve been server problems, the kind They have to fix…leaving the Poor Guru helpless to help.


  1. Sherry says:

    My mother buys this shite. Nothing enhances the flavor of water quite like Mother Nature in my opinion.

  2. kayak woman says:

    I think I would bypass that particular product too but, for a few years, I had a hard time keeping enough Minute Maid cherry limeade around because various teenagers, college kids, & their friends sucked it down like nobody’s business. We called it “frog juice” and many a morning, I would wake up to find 2 or more empty containers on my kitchen counter. They’ve moved on to beer, whine, & ‘hattans (yes) now [wink].