My life is miscellany

Bubbles in bowl in sink

When I ran to get the camera, there was another layer of bubbles below the base of the bowl that made a second cool layer of circles. Pfft. That’s bubbles.

Can. Not. Get. Into. Game of Thrones. The text version. Seems draggy.

Can. Not. Get. Into le Carré’s latest, A Delicate Truth. Seems like a lot of repetition from pieces of many of his last few novels.

And, the library bumped me even though I had a hold on my Book Club book. Sigh.

As to the Romans, today I worked on figuring out the Pompey complex, that is, a theater, portico, curia, and other bits, away from the Forum, over in the Campus Martius. The other day it was Augustus’s Mausoleum. So, right at the moment I’m working south.

Movie report: watched Netflix’s delivery of Lars and the Single Girl. I wouldn’t have put it in the comedy category. Pretty much happy to watch…Patricia Clarkson in anything.

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