Gravity fed

Marquette ore dock

Marquette, like many towns, has shifted the focus of its downtown from an industrial to a touristrial (??) and service orientation. In this case, they’ve left a major visual element of the old Marquette, this ore dock is partially preserved. The wooden trestle that bridged from land to dock is gone, and we watched mallards sleeping and preening on the pier-stubs.

This is a huge structure, wide enough to have two sets of rails so ships on either side could be loaded simultaneously.

Speaking of gravity fed, we very much enjoyed our upscale meal at L’Attitude, with a fine view of this dock from our seats.

Read more about Marquette on WikiPee here, or from the downtown biz org here. Read more about ore docks on WikiPeehere; there’s also a B&W photo of this ore dock when it was still in use.

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  1. Pooh says:

    The evening sun on the ore dock made it look like a wooden structure at first glance. (That and our recent foray into the the covered bridges countryside of Indiana.) Totally messed up my perception of its size. Wow!