Light! Heat! Action!

Sunset busting out maple

Being busy with chores indoors (hah, rhyming!), we missed the flurries that others saw for a few moments in the early-mid afternoon. Not that we’re sad we missed them, mind you! Instead we saw the wind come, the sun blitz in and disappear about five times, spending most of the day shrouded by cloud-cover. We also saw the doe and two fawns dance through the orchard between us and the lake, skittish because of the wind. Deer over flurries, perhaps a good trade!

JCB performed an engineering marvel and used two fans to move the hot air radiating from the wood stove (oh that old wood is dry!) out onto the front porch (46°F when he started, if I remember correctly), so that it was above 70°F when our company arrived, the front porch being the best place to have a party of six dine in this wee cottage.

In short, a busy, good day.

The sun reappeared for the last time during the late afternoon, and backlit the uncle-maple, which is still holding onto its lower leaves (when I took this photograph). However, with this wind, the leaves may be on the ground by morning. Or in the next county!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Saw lightly frosted windshields on some cars on my 0-skunk-30 walk this AM. My ninja was clear though.