Home tour

Silver tree in aerie

I remain confused about the tour-of-homes events this time of the year—were they always at yule-time? ’Course the whole thing about inviting people to tour the non-public areas of your house—when it’s not for sale and the residents aren’t present—is just a bit odd….

Anyway, a kind, sweet neighbor invited me to visit a few of the homes on this year’s tour, and this tree was in a lovely aerie-sunroom that would have been my favorite space hands-down in this house…for me and a pile of books.

I loved that in every home the holiday decorations were more idiosyncratic than the everyday decor, perhaps because some were inherited (curated, the archaeologists might call them) or otherwise had more longevity and a different style.

Funny how, when I looked back through the two-dozen or so photos that I took, most were of bathrooms. Makes no sense to me.


  1. OOTF says:

    “most were of bathrooms”

    Well that is strange, I must agree!

  2. Spinner's End Farm says:

    Did you have a lot of coffee prior to your trip? 🙂

  3. Sammy says:

    Not really, on the coffee, but I appreciate your point.