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Archery training

Love the two sisters in the left foreground.

I hear archery has become quite popular among the younger set. Proof here.

The amount of gear needed is more than you’d think. The bow (fancy, er, compared to Back In My Day), the arrows, of course. But also the quiver, and a belt or shoulder strap for the quiver. At least two gizmos for your fingers. A bow-string stretcher/facilitator. Arm guard. Notebook (requirement for class, to record what you worked on during each session). A clicker-counter (unused while we were there; not sure what it’s for). Some folks had alignment gizmos (my guess as to function) that included a y-shaped tubular metal dealie along with a calibrated t-shaped thingamabob.

Do we call these fancy (calibrated) bows devices?

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Brings back memories of archery at Camp Wikweia, it was one of our three daily “classes” (plus swimming and arts/crafts). Definitely no fancy equipment. You grabbed a bow according to what “strength” (?) it was and shot at a target set up on a big straw thing (?). I wasn’t very good at archery and I didn’t really like camp, didn’t see the point when I had a beach and cousins.