Adventure out the window

Elk trio

Two big excitements today: huge, giant soft snowflakes, and the elk came to visit—meaning to rest and chew cuds.

Gorgeous! Wondrous!

And then the temps rose and the snow turned to rain.

Still the elk rested and chewed.

They stayed three hours, then stood and shook like giant wet dogs, and moseyed on.


  1. OOTF says:

    You always get the good shots.
    Years ago, I looked out into a very foggy yard, early one morning and saw an elk standing there. I thought how odd, an elk in west central Georgia! Then I recognized Sam, our neighbors mule, had gotten out again. Well, it was bigger than a deer, smaller than a horse and brown so why not an elk? And it was foggy and early too.

  2. Sammy says:

    Hmm. The Southern mule as a standing for wapiti? Interesting. We mused about how much larger wapiti are than even large white-tails. Plus the color variation (darker “mane,” lighter butt-patch)—not very mule or deer-like….

    Can a case be made for the role of fog and decreased visibility in wildlife sightings (as a general rule)? Just wondering….