Endless loop (life; weather)

Snow aloft n grounded

The “line” across the windshield is an artifact of the wiper, and not a worrisome blemish or other problem.

Through the windshield, we saw the snow pelting down (inasmuch as snow can pelt…snow, not ice). Then, after parking, we lived in the pelting snow.

Such fun for us Deep Southern Flatlanders. Truly. We bounced through snow-land to the lodge and restaurant, fortified ourselves, then worked our way downhill back to our parking space.

The snow was coming down in big flakes, fast, so that after two swipes to clean the windshield, then run back and swipe the taillights, then double-check the windshield, and whoops, it needs cleaning again.

Speaking from personal experience, when the heat comes on in the waiting car, then quit with the unending snow-cleaning, hop in, and let gravity win.

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