Man, RU stubborn!

Brussels sprouts new lens dealie

Today, the magical Amazon Prime brought us an assortment of goodies…. Two electrical doodads I think means there may be a timer on the downstairs bath fan at some point. A floor pad that means I must now bulldoze my way through a flinging project in my office to install my new standup desk—with a well-padded floor mat. A book for book club; I’m rather a Luddite about my book purchases—fiction deserves to be passed around…so trees die for me (sorry; I’m a PDF fan for other reading material). And a lens dealie. Something I’m told creates an effect (or effects) that are not exactly to be duplicated in Photoshop. Hence, the presentation of the Brussels sprouts.

Title to be said laughing…. And, no relation to the lens. Or anything else from Amazon.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Other-worldly looking sprouts. Could be the surface of an unknown to us planet.