Slow beer

Clydesdales in vahi

Police escort brought the Buddie Clydesdales to see us today. They’re in town for upcoming St. Paddy’s day celebrations—I’m suspecting, actually down in Savannah. They got here yesterday. DOn’t know what…hotel…they stayed in!

They actually delivered a small amount of beer, but not to the attending crowds. We heard it was bottled fresh this morning.

I know there’s small beer, but I don’t think slow beer is a type of beer…a brewery yes, but a beer type? Enlighten me?

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  1. Ol' WD says:

    I remember seeing the great ancestors of these guys over 50 years ago. For a little kid, very impressive. The neighbor’s dog was running around their feet as they trotted by and we were sure they would stomp it into the parade ground, but they paid no attention and the dog survived. As I said , impressive.