Scenic cubed

Up eats view

We ate tonight at a second-story restaurant with this view across the Apalachicola River and the creeks and whatnot that feed into East Bay. The light was behind us, that is, behind the building, and our view was superbly lit.

Small geography reminder: Atlanta’s Chattahoochee drains into the Apalachicola.

Ceviche Apalachicola view

Those bird-dots off to the right are coasting pelicans.

The morning began with heavy rain that tapered to light rain, both under grey skies. As we drove north, we could see a thin layer of blue above the horizon, and by the time we stopped for lunch (a detour into GA to visit Sweet Grass Dairy’s shoppe), it was full out bright sunshine!

Our weather fortune stayed reversed! Great day!


  1. OOTF says:

    Caroline’s or somewhere nearby?

  2. Sammy says:

    Nearby. Up the Creek.

  3. OOTF says:

    I recognized the view. Up the Creek’s been recommended by others and now you and the guru. I guess it’s time K and I tried it!
    Well I think you recommended it, how was the food?

  4. Sammy says:

    Yummy. Very happy we gave it a try. Assorted flavors of oysters on the half shell, raw and cooked, plus. See website.