Daffy duo

Cold storage or tornado

Daffy front GC vert
Kinda feeling daffy….

Long story short: these shots both are from before today (when the sky turned grey). The cold storage (?) unit is from the library-town…, not from our place.

The solo daffy is from directly in front of the cottage. I’m not sure of its history but the story I’m going with is that Mom planted them, probably before I was born. (Ti-dee I-dee.)

Had the lovely neighbors over; they’re the ones who keep an eye on our place through all the times (especially the winter) when we’re gone. We are perpetually indebted to them. Such fine people. Actually, fine is not inclusive enough.

I ramble.

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  1. Ol' WD says:

    Please, do ramble on. That’s what we readers look forward to every day.