Dark red petioles

Rhubarb a growing stems

The rhubarb is much improved this year, as I’ve already noted. The plants I see in gardens within twenty miles of here are generally twice this size or so, and more robust; our plants still need some TLC. Heh—especially weeding, eh???

In recipes, we almost always use rhubarb like a fruit, but the stem of the leaf that we uses (NOT the leaves!) is really what we’d generally consider a vegetable (like parsley or basil stems). For import purposes, however, it’s considered a fruit, WikiPee says…. This is the opposite of the tomato, which is botanically a fruit, but culinarily used as a vegetable (mostly).

Enough FYI.

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  1. Sherry says:

    How has your tick experience been this spring? You’ve spent a bit of time low in the grass so you should have an idea! 😉