My luck

Crape sun pickets

When I depart, it’s no longer dark, although I don’t see the sun. I begin to make my “side loops,” up and back on side streets that add steps without taking me farther from home. I find spots of sun and delightful shadows. I hear doves. I see several cats, awake and watchful.

Hunting? Certainly posing like they’re hunting.

I pass under a tree and feel a leaf land softly on my neck. I reach up to brush it away. It’s not a leaf. Ick.

Wasn’t a bird. Must have been a caterpillar. I’ve been poop-bombed by a caterpillar!!

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    Are you going to change your Facebook status to “caterpillar poop-bombed”?
    I don’t even remember if you’re on Facebook, come to think of it.