Vista mare

Vernazza harbor sprinkling

We watched the precip go from sprinkles to full-out rain and back, with a few cessations, several times through midday. Still, I found the views compelling….

While we were eating lunch at the Pirate Twins of Sicily Restaurant (not its real name), it went from no-sprinkles to hard-rain; our table was under the awning and barely safe from spatter. When we left, we “flowed” downhill along with the run-off, glad we had brought our raincoats.

Euro 5 before pivot

The boats with the route up and down the coast stopping at the five towns made interesting port-visits, at least here in Vernazza, nosing in toward the outside of the breakwater, the boat staying perpendicular and away from the concrete. They have a walkway with wheels that they push out to span the gap; it makes for an adventurous crossing for the tour-group folks we saw debarking. The boat-guys clearly are very experienced at the maneuver—no trepidation or false moves (tossing the line-loops, situating the walkway, helping the tourists, and reverse).

Vernazza sunset brilliance

By sunset, the light was terrific and the sky blue blue blue. Loving the narrow terraces on the slope outside of town…. (BTW, that IS a foosball table in the left foreground; no ball supplied, though.)

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