Evening menu

Often, I think up at least a partial menu before I go shopping. Sometimes I have no focus/creativity/ideas.

Today, I was in the latter situation.

Brussels deconstruction

I saw the stalks of Brussel-ees were marked down…and thought: gee, temps below normal…I should do an autumnal oven meal.

Autumnal oven meal

Sausage, Brussels and cauliflower, a few button mushrooms, some simple stuffing (cornbread, from a box), and a pound of tofu turned into hoisin-slathered “steaks.”

Perked us both up, although we both have vestiges of jet lag dogging us.

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    That looks soooo good. Will have to try something similar. Still getting wee little brussels at the farmer’s market but not sure I’ll make it there tomorrow due to a trip to Daytwa. We’ll see.