Know your blooms

First azalea
Cherry tree large

I found the first blooming azaleas of the year—they were super-pink and robust, and the rest of the plant’s buds are not far behind. Elsewhere, though, not even buds…. And this plant isn’t in an especially protected location, either, ah, those mystery beings, plants….

Now that tree, they rarely are larger! Love the weeping cherries! Or is it a plum? I know it’s not a pear or peach….

Apologies, Dear Reader, for the plethora of blooms lately, but ’tis the season…. I keep looking for other subjects, but sometimes they move too quickly, like the ’possum that I’ve seen in the backyard twice in the last two weeks….

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    Bring on the blooms! Let Spring display its full panoply, while you record it.