Watching time happen

Craggy gardens cloud drift

We spent quite some time watching the clouds zip over this like-a-shrubby-moorland hillside, framed here by a Krumholtzed tree next to the overlook.

Black salamander

Then I noticed that JCB was standing in the parking area but near the driving lanes, very gently corralling something with his feet. What a lovely little critter! The rescue was tricky, but accomplished, or at least I hope so, and that s/he lives long and prospers (however that plays out in the salamander world).

Internet info suggests that this was a specimen of Plethodon teyahalee, and indicates that an individual will produce “slimy, glue-like secretions when it feels threatened.” Yup, this one did; took a bunch of scrubbing to get it off finger tips that came in contact with his lithe body when the leaves I was cradling her/him with slipped.

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