Plant doppelgänger?

Lily duo and more coming

This lily somewhat echoes my recent days. There’s slow change. Some things are pretty; some are just leaves. Water is needed. And light. Although it’s indoors.

Yes, I still cough, sometimes deeply. In short, however, I AM BETTER!

People I talk to on the phone say they can tell it’s me, but my voice is very altered. I can’t talk long without coughing, it seems. Mostly I don’t exert myself much, no walking; I’m getting crazed from being quiet and healing and being indoors….

I am better!

Just want to say, there’s no medical sense in bottling cough syrup that is to be taken in 10mL doses being bottled in 118 mL containers. Stupid economic rationale…against the consumer, the ailing….


  1. OOTF says:

    I knew it was you ’cause you greeted me by name. Just think of the cough med deal as getting 8 ml free! Sure, why not?
    I’ll bet that being quiet is tough. Just kiddin.

  2. kayak woman says:

    Glad you are better!

  3. Sammy says:

    Better, but still a ways to go…hoping for major reduction in cough spell frequency by…the weekend….