Park report, extended version

Community garden prepping

Sometimes, when I’m out and about nothing seems different, just variations on the same, expected, themes. Today I found a crew of volunteers working on the scrub that had come up in back of the community garden. I guess they’re getting ready for the summer program for the kiddies, who’ll get to work in the boxes…must keep things orderly….

PiedPk fire paramedics

Okay, the cleanup was some version of normal, at least if considered on an annual basis. This scenario was a one-timer. I don’t remember ever seeing fire-paramedics working on someone in the park before (my timing, I’m sure). I couldn’t figure out if the guy was bad-tripping, had been beat up, or what. The paramedics’ body language suggested they knew what they were dealing with—as I approached I watched them shift from the tension of figure-this-out to beginning their exit organization.

I continued here and there around the park. Saw two sets of mallard ducklings and one set of Canada geese goslings. Didn’t check the turtle log…. Saw one small city-snake, a De Kay’s, or…brown snake, scrambling to get into the bushes on the other side of the path. No photo. S/he was fast-moving!

Looping home, I found this. In front of the Middle School. I wondered how “he” lost his leg. Among other things.

Hanging see through man

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