PiedPk witness chairs
Jockey lamp statue

For various reasons (chiefly inertia), we headed out to walk and do errands rather later than…we might have. Due to our laggardly timing, we caught the day’s rising temps. (Sweat, pant, pant.)

We saw no other sign of an event, just this array of pristine white folding chairs, carefully aligned on this newly pressure-washed deck with fresh goose-blots beginning the microbial recolonization. Not sure if the chairs were escapees from another event, catching the lake view…or?

Then, late afternoon, we met up with our local fam for a small feasting event, witnessed by this jockey and his twin. They were happier on Derby weekend, I’m guessing, and showed forbearance as the premium golf match played out.


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    No ramp or steps…but maybe!