Traveling road show…embarks

Airplane salt pepper wine apertif

Ah, high-flying style for cocktail hour…love those wee chubby airplane salt-and-pepper shakers!

Dawn in new place

Sometimes the sun comes up and you have a new outlook on the world. Sometimes the sun comes up and you are in a new place.

We had some of both today.

Beach front fun hibernating

Deflated amusement park….

By day’s end, we had slogged through miles of rain (in “Bono,” which has the license licence plate BNO), and found ourselves in a holiday and fishing-fleet town (that’s diversity!) where nearly no one was out and about—too wet; too windy; have to get up early to go fishing…. Until the sky began to turn blue and the puddles began to dry up…then we saw dog-walkers and exercisers…and a few locals getting from here to there….

Fishing fleet work buildings

Long day! But fruitful….

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  1. Lauren says:

    Where is this fishing town? Great photo!