Circle complete

Plug mix

Saw this combo of plugs and immediately got swirled into the emotions, not just the functional decision-making, of making the change back to the New World. The lounge we waited for our fancy flight in had the first US-style outlets we’d seen our whole time in Britain-Scotland….

Not sure about the philosophy behind the implementation of the additional flip-switch for British-style plugs. Safer, I get that part. But many built-in appliances, etc., don’t have the back-up switch…although some do (e.g., hot shower I never got in a B&B because I didn’t figure out that I had to pull a cord to get the electric flowing…not mentioned in detailed instructions on inline water heater that I made a trip OUT of the bathroom to find my glasses to read…don’t get me started).

Flight past titanic

I did sleep some on the flight, waking up to this over-half-completed travel arc.

Tea in air

That meant we closed in on tea-time! I don’t think our attendants would have voted for these three-part caddys, which had to be assembled for each of us in…(change accent) Upper Class.

The Guru opted to burn through a pile of frequent-flyer miles for us to enjoy lay-down seating and all the attentions that accrue for such an expenditure. The on-the-ground lounges were eye-openers. Everything free…uh-hem, included in your ticket cost. We got showers and breakfast at the inbound lounge after we landed eastbound, and breakfast and other treats (stacks of papers, magazines) from the fancy outbound lounge when we left. I admit it takes the edge off of travel…leaving you with the time change. Yawn. Up to you-the-traveler to deal with….

Travel cards

Having used our Oyster cards to zip about London, and to get to the airport, we switched to MARTA to get home. One train and one bus, and we strolled the last bit in the fading rain to get to our house-and-home. Humidity! Yikes!

House fine; thanks especially to JPB for keeping an eye on the place and dislodging the drifts of mail from behind the door. The Guru even saw Mr. and Mrs. ShedMan of the Outer Hebrides (howdy!) when he was out fetching togo food….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    What an adventure! Welcome home!