Love the ants

Tulipifera leaf on windshield

When I left this morning, this leaf was perched beneath a layer of dew on our slanty Prius windshield (gazing skyward?). This shot, however, is from when I returned from my walk…and, actually, the leaf isn’t any drier or less flat than when I left, although my impression at the time was that it was. (Photographic comparison/proof….)

City okra

The okra is another matter. I spotted this fine specimen in a little raised-bed garden on a verge, a fine patch of green-ness, but not a big enough garden to feed a family even for a long weekend. Still, this okra is firmly in its upright and locked position…in typical okra style….

I hope I don’t sound critical, as I love to see produce coming along right by the sidewalk.

City lights…the vegetative kind….


  1. jcb says:

    There’s a first line for a mystery novel: “The okra was another matter.”

  2. kayak woman says:

    For a while (a few years back), I followed the blahg of a woman in the Detroit area who was taken to court for having vegetable gardens in her front yard. It was *illegal* in that ‘burb. (I stopped following her when she turned out to be sort of a crank and crazy person, although she was right on about her gardens and charges were eventually dropped.)